Mount Brockman Syncline, 2006

Mount Brockman Syncline, 2006

Geological Survey of Western Australia

Publication date: 12 June 2018

Format: Download data (free)

Type: 3D Geomodel Series

Scale: 1:100 000


Product details

  • Tectonic Unit
    Fortescue Basin, Hamersley Basin, Turee Creek Basin

  • Maps

  • Geological ages
    Neoarchean, Paleoproterozoic

  • Keywords and localities
    3D, 3D geology, Three dimensional, Three-dimensional, banded iron-formation, geophysical interpretation, gravity anomalies, magnetic anomalies, iron ores, three dimensional models

  • Broad Terms
    Drilling, Geophysical interpretation, Mineral exploration, Regional geology, Stratigraphy, Structural geology, 3D models

  • Commodities
    Base metals, Iron, Iron ore